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About Us


Our Mission:

The mission of BBK is to enhance brotherhood and develop manhood within each young man, providing them with great resources that will guide them through life’s journey.  



About Us:

Big Brothers Keeper, Incorporated (BBK) aims to enrich the lives of young black men by sharing the experience of having mentors and big brothers. BBK was founded upon the premise that some African American fathers are not present in their young sons' lives due to various factors. The founder Anthony (Quan) has experienced the trauma of not having his father in his life as a young, developing man, which is the heart behind BBK. 



  • Provide guidance to young men that lack the presence of their fathers in their upbringing.

  • Expose young men to various opportunities that await them.

  • Teach young men how to stand against the stereotypes that society has placed on them as well as maneuvering through life’s obstacles.

  • Change the negative perspective of education to young men; reaching to strive for the greater good that comes from education.

Core Values


  1. Manhood

  2. Brotherhood

  3. Leadership

  4. Integrity

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