Carlynica McDowell

Carlynica McDowell
Big Brothers Keeper Inc.
Secretary & Communications Director

Carlyncia McDowell serves as the Secretary for Big Brothers Keeper, Incorporated. In this role Carlyncia is tasked with knowing and complying with notice requirements and scheduling meetings to accommodate the directors, charged with recording minutes of meetings, and responsible for scheduling board meetings and should ensure an adequate number of meetings are held per year, in accordance with the organization’s bylaws.


Carlyncia McDowell is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri, and fell in love with all Atlanta has to offer at a very early age. While in Saint Louis, Carlyncia participated in many volunteer and mentor/mentee positions and realized the positive impact it had on her life and others. Throughout her matriculation at her dream school, Spelman College, Carlyncia focused on her passion for helping others, eliminating mental health stigma, and creating a voice and safe space for African American youth. Subsequently, this led her to become a master's candidate at the University of Georgia, studying Public Health and Health Administration. With this degree, Carlyncia aspires to gain knowledge on how to eliminate health disparities that largely impact Black families in the Metro-Atlanta area. 

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